Xbox gonna give it to ya

A possible Xbox refresh and much more. No foolin’

Xbox gonna give it to ya
Mockup of the new Xbox Series X

Could a refresh of the Xbox Series X be on the way?  Also, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer talks about the future of gaming at GDC. All this and more. Let’s go!

A new Xbox all-digital console could launch this year

The Xbox "Brooklyn" from Microsoft leaked images

Could a new all-digital Xbox Series X arrive this year? An article with alleged photos of the new device from exputer says yes.

The current Series X model is the more powerful version of the Xbox, and also notably contains an optical drive. The proposed new Series X would remove that drive, but maintain a similar form factor. The most notable exterior change is the new version is white compared to gray. 

According to the article, the new Series X would have a “few of its components upgraded, such as the heatsink, but elsewhere, there are no major enhancements to talk about.” In an article by The Verge, the digital Series X could be $50-100 cheaper than the current model, which retails for $499. 

These latest rumors could confirm Microsoft’s inadvertent disclosure from last year about a new all-digital Xbox refresh codenamed Brooklyn. They also come weeks after another leak about a potential PlayStation 5 upgrade that could release later this year.

More tales from GDC


Last week we discussed Epic's announcements from the Games Developer Conference. This week, we take a look at Xbox, and discuss interviews held by their CEO Phil Spencer. Here are the top stories:

This notion that Xbox can only be this one device that plugs into a television isn’t something we see in the Gen Z research. Because nothing else is like that for them. Some of them will have an iPhone, some will have an Android, but all the games and everything is the same. I can still get to TikTok on both of them, at least for now. All of their stuff is available wherever they want. So for Xbox, our brand pivot — as we attract and maintain relevance with a younger audience — is ‘Xbox is a place where I can find the great games I want to.’
MLB The Show 24 via Mat Piscatella on X.

🎮 Embracer is selling Borderlands developer Gearbox to Take-Two for less than half of what they paid for it in 2021. As part of the announcement, Take-Two announced the next Borderlands game is in “active development.” 

💰 After the success of Baldur's Gate 3, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast are investing $1 billion in video games

ℹ Independent studios led by the developers of Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon and Slay The Spire are launching their own "Triple-I" showcase April 10

💵 Advertisers plan to increase spending on in-video-game advertising by 40% this year, a projected $8.5 billion. 

MLB The Show 24 had some…issues…with player faces in the game. 

⚔️ Development on The Witcher 4 is in full swing, as CD Projekt now has over 400 people working on the game. 

📱 Also from CD Projekt, could Cyberpunk or The Witcher be licensed out to mobile developers

⛄ One weapon in Helldivers 2 is causing player’s games to freeze: snowballs. 

👿 Diablo IV came to Game Pass last week, but you still need to have installed to play the game

📱 32% of mobile consumers plan to spend less on in-app purchases in 2024.

⚖️ Warner Bros. plan of removing Adult Swim published games from digital storefronts is confusing to everyone, including lawyers

♟️ Tabletop publisher Czech Game bought its own board game factory

😢 Sega is selling Relic Entertainment and cutting 240 jobs in Europe.

📅 Bethesda provided an update on The Elder Scrolls 6. Projected release date: 2026 or later. 

🚬 An upcoming Call of Duty release will feature Cheech and Chong, which will likely confuse anyone under the age of 40. 

🧇 The director of Tekken 8 isn’t sure why Americans want a Waffle House stage in the game

🇷🇺 After being cut off from Western games, Russia looks into a homegrown game console

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4/3: Planetiles (PC)
4/4: Purpose 1951 (PC)
4/4: Turbo Golf Racing (PlayStation, Xbox and PC)

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