The E3nd

Saying goodbye to E3, The Day Before and 2023.

The E3nd

It’s the end of 2023, the end of E3 and the end of The Day Before studio Fntastic. Read all about it and learn how you can vote for The Games Letter Game of the Year below! 

E3 bids adieu

One of the biggest gaming trade shows calls it quits. 

The Electronic Entertainment Expo began in 1995, but in recent years had issues attracting gaming companies and attendees. Therefore, few saw the announcement this week that the convention was calling it quits a surprise.

The Entertainment Software Association president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis told The Washington Post,  “We know it’s difficult to say goodbye to such a beloved event, but it’s the right thing to do given the new opportunities our industry has to reach fans and partners.”

Pierre-Louis expands on this in an interview with GamesBeat:

Video game companies have new and exciting ways to reach people. They can do it on a timetable that meets their business needs. This doesn't take away from the need to bring people together. We’ll think about exploring ways to bring everyone together to tell a story about the industry. I don’t know what form that will take. We’re spending time thinking through what that narrative is, because there’s a nice moment for the industry to reshape and refashion how the public thinks about games.

Events like Summer Games Fest and PAX have overshadowed E3 in recent years, giving consumers the opportunity to connect directly with gaming companies. The biggest companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo hold their own press conferences online to promote new games. 

Still, for industry professionals, E3 was an opportunity to meet and discuss new games with the people who made them. While change is inevitable, E3 will be missed by many. 

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The days after The Day Before

The Day Before

Last week we mentioned how The Day Before, one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, botched its early access launch. Little did we know that the story would get much bigger. 

According to a leaked Telegram message from Fntastic's CEO Eduard Gotovtsev, The Day Before was purchased 201,000 times on Steam. Of those buyers, 91,700 requested a refund for the game, a 46% refund rate.

Those who didn’t request a refund may regret it, as four days after the release, its creator Fntastic studio announced it was shutting down. From the statement:

Today, we announce the closure of Fntastic studio. Unfortunately, The Day Before has failed financially, and we lack the funds to continue. All income received is being used to pay off debts to our partners. 

According to statements by Fntastic, there will be no further updates to the game, leaving those who purchased with a very broken experience. Fntastic has said since it is working with Steam to make refunds available to all who purchased the game, saying it will make no money at all from its sale. 

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Hogwarts Legacy

Editor's note: with the holidays in full swing, we will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. We wish you and your families our best. 

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 🔎The top gaming search trend on Google for 2023: Hogwarts Legacy.

⚖️ Activision Blizzard settled their $54 million sexual harassment suit with the state of California, and set aside another $47 million for impacted employees.

🖥️ Twitch changed its terms of service to allow "artistic depictions of nudity." The change lasted a few days before Twitch rolled it back

🐉 Hasbro lays off 1,000 before the holiday season, including significant cuts to the Magic and Dungeons & Dragons team. Larian CEO says there is “almost nobody left” from the team that helped create Baldur’s Gate 3. Could the cuts lead to brain drain

🎮 Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb who left the Xbox team after 20 years joins the Midwest Games advisory board. Hryb is just one of the big names joining the Green Bay-based company. 

🎁 Cheaters in Dota 2 received a present from Valve: a gift-wrapped permanent ban.

🥚 Hideo Kojima hid a Silent Hill Easter egg in the OD teaser trailer

🎥 Kojima’s production company is teaming up with the studio behind Everything Everywhere All At Once to create a Death Stranding movie

🕸️ Insomniac Games says new game plus mode for Spider-Man 2 is delayed until 2024 while they work on other "highly requested features."

📉 Video game sales dropped 3% in November compared to 2022. Of note, Alan Wake 2 did not crack the top 20, which is mainly due to the data reporting used

😥 Free Radical Design, the creators of TimeSplitters, shuts down as part of Embracer restructuring. 

🏆 Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke says Baldur's Gate 3 “Isn't Going to be on Game Pass.” Vincke also posted the Game of the Year acceptance speech he would have given at The Game Awards, had they had given him the time. 

☁️ Could a free ad-supported version of Xbox Cloud Gaming be around the corner

🧟 Developer Naughty Dog canceled the multiplayer game The Last of Us Online.

💰 Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says he's open to Fortnite on Steam or 'any serious store,' for the right price. This after Epic won a decision against Google claiming their app store has an illegal  monopoly

🗓️ Bethesda says Fallout 4’s ‘next-gen update’ is delayed until 2024.

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