Super Intern Story: A job unlike any other

While it can occasionally feel like work, the payoff is worth it.

Super Intern Story: A job unlike any other

What would it be like to be an intern for a games studio? What if that internship had you playing the role of monster in a video game?

This is the premise of Super Intern Story, a new game by Blue Noise Games. In it, you take on the role of Marvin, an intern on his first day at a game company. You quickly learn you are responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work of their latest video game. Placing coins, cleaning up and most exciting, being one of the monsters that heroes face. Complete the orders your boss gives you, and Marvin will rise in stature at the company. Fail, and it will lead to your termination.

Each level has a set of expanding rules. Most notably, don’t kill the hero. But the list continues to grow. Replace the treasure in the chest. Add exploding barrels to a level. Supervise corporate investors, so they don’t fall into traps set for heroes. Each level is very different in its responsibilities, and requires a different costume.

As you advance through the story and become a more senior intern, you unlock more of the corporate headquarters. Exploration is encouraged, and opens up new quests and adventures. One example is the cafeteria has a video game console that has no cartridges. You can find them throughout the building, and play a game within a game.

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Graphically, the style is reminiscent of World of Goo. A bold animation style and vibrant colors pop off the screen. Super Intern Story’s soundtrack is well scored and adds ambiance. Musical cues alert the player when a hero enters a level and when everything is clear.

Levels start simple, but quickly advance. Attention to detail is key to completing a section. Forget to close a storage area, and the hero will loot it. Fail to have everything in place a few times, and your boss becomes more frustrated with you, to the point where you will eventually be fired. If you’re having trouble getting past a level, the game has an option to skip it and continue on with the story. All levels are replayable once completed or skipped, so you can always come back to them.

Super Intern Story is fun and quirky, with beautiful aesthetics to match. Changes in levels keep the game interesting and fresh as players progress. Exploring the office building is a great, and possibly the best part of the game.

The game does have some technical bugs. One quest asks you to pick up an item and bring it to an individual. Before you return, the game saves and the item disappears from your inventory. Levels can also become monotonous, especially as new duties are added.

Super Intern Story does a great job capturing what is like being an intern. The repetitive work, the lack of appreciation from management and the fun that can be had. It adds a fun premise, beautiful graphics and an enticing world to keep you coming back. While parts can be a bit repetitive, the game keeps you entertained and coming back for more. We give the game 3.5 of 5 stars.

Super Intern Story review haiku:

Intern life is rough
But also adventure filled
Game captures this well

Super Intern Story is available on Switch and PC.

Editorial note: the author received a review code for this game.