Game release dates come and go

Also, an update on the $300,000 worth of gaming cards stolen from Gen Con

Game release dates come and go
South Park: Snow Day

THQ Nordic announced a bunch of games this week, while Devolver Digital announced…something different. That and the latest on the great Gen Con heist.

Biggest announcements from the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin

THQ Nordic held an event last week announcing new games and updates on those in progress. Here are some of the highlights:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin

A game based on the popular comic book series was announced, but no release date given. Check out the teaser trailer below.

South Park: Snow Day

A 3D multiplayer co-op game featuring your favorite characters from South Park. Snow Day is expected in 2024.

Titan Quest 2 announced

A sequel to the 2006 game, battle gods in this action RPG based on Greek mythology.

Last Train Home

You command a legion of soldiers trying to make their way home despite an ongoing civil war in this real time tactical strategy game for PC.

Outcast - A New Beginning

Become the hero of Adelpha in this open world adventure. Also, you have a cool jet pack.

Other announcements include: two new trailers for Alone in the Dark focused on playable characters (Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby), a Gothic 1 remake, a trailer for the future war strategy game Tempest Rising, a look at the track-building car game Wreckreation and a couch co-op trailer for Trine 5.

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Devolver Delayed showcase

While THQ Nordic announced new games and updates, another publisher took a slightly different approach.

Devolver Digital held their Delayed showcase, discussing games that were intended for this year but were delayed until 2024. The witty three minute video styled like a Nintendo Direct also pointed out the games that are still arriving in 2023.

Games that are still coming out in 2023 include: The Talos Principle 2, Gunbrella, Karma Zoo, Wizard With a Gun, and The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood. Those moved to 2024: The Plucky Squire, Stick It To The Stickman, Skate Story, Anger Foot, and Pepper Grinder. You can watch the video above.

It’s not all fun and games

Thomas Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume via IMPD

Last week we mentioned that a pallet of collectible cards were stolen from Gen Con. Two thieves walked into the loading docks, grabbed a pallet of cards and walked out with them the day before the convention started.

More details on the robbery emerged this week. The thieves took $300,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards that belonged to Pastimes Comics & Games, a store in Niles, Illinois. The stolen cards consisted mostly of Commander Masters and Collector Booster sets.

Two New York men are wanted in connection with the crime. Thomas Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume are being sought by Indianapolis police for questioning. Apparently the dynamic duo didn’t realize that most places have security cameras these days.

Evo Arena by Stephanie Lindgren

🎲 Read our story about the best and worst of Gen Con 2023.

💰 Big business: The global games market is expected to generate over $187 billion in 2023, a 2.6% increase.

🥊 EVO, the Evolution Championship Series took place last week. Check out all the winners, and see the biggest announcements.

🦉 Ancient vs. future pokemon face off in the latest expansion to the popular card game. Also, Ace Spec cards return in 2024.

🤠 The original Red Dead Redemption is coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch Aug. 17. The game includes the Undead Nightmare DLC, is a direct port of the original game and costs $50.

🔫 Activision released a teaser trailer for their latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3, which drops Nov. 10.  

🤼🏾‍♂️ WrestleQuest, which was expected to release on Aug. 8 was postponed to Aug. 22 due to a save game bug.

🎮 Netflix released a virtual game controller for iPhone, which hints at online gaming through your television.

🧕🏽 FIFA 23 has added a player wearing a hijab for the first time in the series’ history.

🏎️ Team Vitality won the Rocket League World Championship in Düsseldorf, Germany.

🚰 Valve is now selling refurbished Steam Decks.

🕹Fortnite is adding WWE Superstars Becky Lynch And Bianca Belair to their roster.

❤️ Fortnite also recently approved adding a virtual Holocaust museum in game.

👿 Blizzard banned Diablo 4 players who used a character realm transfer exploit.

🚀 Keith David is taking over the role of Zavala in Destiny 2, replacing Lance Reddick who unexpectedly passed away in March.

👎 Overwatch 2 is now on Steam. However, in 48 hours, it became Steam’s “worst game of all time.”

🚙 Twisted Metal set audience records for Peacock, becoming it’s “most-binged” comedy premiere to date.

👼🏻 Today we kick off our annual Extra Life campaign to raise money for Children’s Hospital Of Wisconsin.

New Releases this week:

Madden 24

Check out our story on 12 New Games to Play in August.

8/15: Hammerwatch 2 (PC)
8/15: Moving Out 2 (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC)
8/15: Wayfinder (PlayStation and PC)
8/16: En Garde! (PC)
8/17: Lightedge (PC)
8/17: Cat's Cosmic Atlas (Switch and PC)
8/18: Madden NFL 24 (PlayStation, Xbox and PC)
8/18: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (PlayStation, Xbox and PC)

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