How’s the new Fallout show? The (Triple) i’s have it

The Fallout show, Triple-i showcase and all the winners from the BAFTA awards.

How’s the new Fallout show? The (Triple) i’s have it

Independent developers held the first Triple-i Showcase last week to show off their latest games. Also, the highly anticipated Fallout show dropped. Add in the BAFTA game awards, and there is quite a bit of news. So, let’s go!

Indies rule at the Triple-i Showcase

Independent game developers hosted the first-ever Triple-i showcase last week. The event included a number of world premieres and game updates from a variety of indie studios. If you are a fan of builders, survivors-esque games or roguelikes, this event was for you. Here are a few of the biggest announcements, with trailers:

Slay the Spire 2, the sequel to the popular deck builder game arrives in early access in 2025.

Kill Knight, a 3-D Vampire Survivors clone comes out later this year.

Speaking of Vampire Survivors, the game is getting a Contra-based DLC later this year called Operation Guns.

Ever wonder what you’d get if you mixed an ancient European castle builder with Dinosaurs? Dinolords is the answer.

Hyper Light Breaker hits early access this summer.

Streets of Rogue 2 sells itself as a sandbox where you can complete the main quest, or just hang out and build cool things.

Vampire simulator V Rising is getting Castlevinia DLC on May 8.

Another new Prince of Persia game is coming this year as the creators of Dead Cells introduce The Rogue.

Which announcement are you most excited about?

It’s a Fallout world

The Fallout show dropped in its entirety on Amazon Prime last week, and by all metrics, it’s a success. The show has already been renewed for a second season, and has a Metacritic score of 73 and a 93 on Rotten Tomatoes. Media critic Lucy Mangan of The Guardian gave the show five stars and says it’s an “an absolute blast of a TV show.” From her review:

Co-creators Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner somehow manage to combine traditional post-nuclear apocalypse tropes with semi-ironic takes on 50s motifs, B-movie conventions and horror-level blood and gore (and work in plenty of Easter eggs and other pleasures for gamers). It’s a perfectly paced story that is both funny and self-aware without winking at the camera, undercutting our increasing emotional investment in characters who reveal – and sometimes unexpectedly redeem – themselves layer by layer.

Gaming sites have created plenty of content around the show and the game for those seeking more. Here are some of our favorite stories (warning: most contain spoilers for the show, games or both).

Apart from the show, Bethesda announced the next generation patch for Fallout 4 arrives later this month

BAFTA award winners

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards took place last week, and their game of the year was not a surprise to most who follow gaming awards. 

Baldur's Gate 3 took home the top prize, along with a few other awards. This makes Baldur's Gate 3 the first game ever to win every major Game of the Year award, including: The Golden Joystick awards, the D.I.C.E. awards, The Game Awards and the Game Developer Choice Awards.

Here is the full list of BAFTA award winners:

Animation - Hi-Fi Rush
Artistic Achievement - Alan Wake 2
Audio Achievement - Alan Wake 2
Best Game - Baldur's Gate 3
British Game -Viewfinder
Debut Game - Venba
Evolving Game - Cyberpunk 2077
Family - Super Mario Bros Wonder
Game Beyond Entertainment - Tchia
Game Design - Dave the Diver
Multiplayer - Super Mario Bros Wonder
Music - Baldur's Gate 3
Narrative - Baldur's Gate 3
New Intellectual Property - Viewfinder
Performer in a Leading Role - Nadji Peter (Miles Morales, Marvel's Spider-Man 2)
Performer in a Supporting Role - Andrew Wincott (Raphael, Baldur's Gate 3)
Technical Achievement - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
EE Players' Choice Award – Baldur's Gate 3

Thunder Road: Vendetta via Meeple Mountain

👏🏽 How a clip from the game Valorant started a conversation about sexism in competitive gaming

🏆 Thunder Road: Vendetta won best strategy game of 2023 at The American Tabletop Awards.

🔫 Star Wars Outlaws released a new trailer and has an official launch date: Aug. 20, 2024. Those who purchase the physical version of the game will require an internet connection to install the game

😡 Ubisoft is deleting The Crew from players who own it digitally after shutting down the servers for the online portion of the game earlier this year. 

🆓 After giving away 6 million free copies of their game on April 1, Content Warning has sold 1 million copies. Content Warning is also hiding the best user created scenes within the game for others to find.  

💸 Rockstar is raising the price of GTA+ by 40 percent, while Electronic Arts is raising the price of an EA Play subscription

⚖️ Fans are considering legal action after Disney Speedstorm changed their battle pass

🇨🇳 Blizzard renewed their agreement with NetEase, allowing Chinese players access to play Blizzard games. 

🧒🏼 Remakes of Persona 1 and 2 could be on their way.

✅ Square Enix hopes to deliver the third and final piece of their Final Fantasy VII remake in about three years

📰 A game publisher is using internal leaks and the media as an excuse to shut down a game studio

🕸️ Microsoft is bringing the Xbox dashboard to the web.

🖥️ Intel is investigating game crashes on their top-end Core i9 desktop CPUs.

🙁 One week after saying it was “hard at work on our next project,” Immortals of Aveum developer Ascendant Studios has reportedly furloughed most of its remaining staff.

📈 Twitch viewership increased 2 percent in March

🦊 A less competitive version of Scrabble recently released is being called “woke” by Fox News

🆕 Nintendo Switch Online added three classic games for subscribers: Super R-Type, Wrecking Crew ‘98 and Sugoi Hebereke.

🫥 The Verge looks at the quest to finish Super Mario Maker’s disappearing levels.

😢 Tributes pour in after the death of award-winning veteran wargame designer Dean Essig.

👎 Playtron and Mysten Labs announced the SuiPlay0X1, billed as "the world's first blockchain native handheld games console."

🐉 You can watch Jonathan Frakes (aka Will Riker) and other Star Trek stars play Dungeons & Dragons for charity

♟️ IGN created a list of their favorite engine-building board games. 

🎩 Margot Robbie likes game movies. After announcing her production company is working on a Sims movie weeks ago, we learned they also have a Monopoly film in production

New Releases this week:

Retrowave World

4/16: Retrowave World (PC)
4/18: Age of Water (PC)
4/18: No Rest for the Wicked (PC)

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