Brutal cuts in the gaming industry continue

And it could get much worse ...

Brutal cuts in the gaming industry continue
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It’s been a brutal month for employees of gaming companies, and it could get much worse as the year progresses. Read about th leatest cuts, more details on Microsoft and more. 

Job cuts in the gaming industry continue

Image via Pixabay

Gaming industry layoffs continue at a breakneck pace. Over 5,000 professionals lost their jobs in the first month of 2024, already over half the total number of cuts from 2023. This week was especially bad, with Microsoft laying off over 1,900 and Riot Games cutting over 500 jobs

It could get worse for game companies in 2024. According to a article, one CEO stated:

If 2023 was the year of layoffs, 2024 will be the year of closures. Not just developers, but publishers, media, service companies... There are just too many unprofitable businesses in video games. We're looking at up to two years of pain.

There were more cuts announced this week, including:

Best to all those who lost their jobs.

More on Microsoft

Apart from laying off 1,900 people last week, Microsoft was in the news for multiple other reasons, including cancellation of a Blizzard survival game codenamed Odyssey. Inspired by games like Minecraft and Rust, Odyssey was in development for six years

One department that was eliminated was dedicated to bringing Xbox games to physical retail. This might confirm the Microsoft leak from last year that the new Xbox consoles will be digital-only. 

Finally, the cuts by Microsoft caught the eye of at least one U.S. Senator:

On the plus side, the cuts helped Microsoft become the second-ever trillion-dollar company, which is nice for them.

Grand Theft Auto 3

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